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Speaking of cool 2020 Im Day Drinking Tee shirt . Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino knows when to move on from a hot look, even one that he helped create. More than anyone, Piccioli is responsible for the popularity of the lavishly cut tent dresses seen in pop colors on runways and red carpets everywhere these days, but he’s ready for something fresh. His collaboration with Undercover designer Jun Takahashi this season brings an entirely new perspective to Valentino, one that meshes the romantic with something perhaps a little sinister. It’s not normal, for instance, to see a ballgown printed with images of roses, a marble statue of a couple’s embrace, and a snake. Throughout the collection appeared haunting messages as well: “You thought I was too dark until I stretched into a galaxy.”

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2020 Im Day Drinking Tee  Classic Women's T-shirt
Classic Women’s
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Cloth Face Mask
For something completely different in Paris this season, Tommy Hilfiger and Zendaya introduced their new collaboration with a massive #TommyNow production that was, to say the least, pretty amazing 2020 Im Day Drinking Tee shirt . Beverly Johnson, Pat Cleveland, and — smacking her own bottom — Grace Jones vamped on the runway. Tyra Banks smized from the audience, a few seats over from Gigi Hadid. A troupe of roller skaters warmed up the crowd to disco hits from the seventies, and the show itself was a tribute to the impact made by a famous 1973 fashion show called the Battle of Versailles. That event was a fundraiser dreamed up by the p.r. genius Eleanor Lambert (creator of the International Best Dressed List, the CFDA, and pretty much everything we know as American fashion today), in which American designers were pitted against the French. As KingTee at the story goes, the Americans, including Stephen Burrows and Halston, were the underdog winners, but besides bringing their spirit, they also declared an important victory by using a large cast of black models who stole the show.
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